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Kurulus osman season 5 episode 137 with (urdu subtitle):

Kurulus osman season 5 episode 137 is now on gamexploar.Kurulus osman is one of the most popular drama series of turkey.

You can watch every episode of kurulus osman drama on thursday of every weak.

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Kurulus osman season 5 episode 137

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Osman bey and battle of kestel:

he Brave Fight for Freedom:
In the historic battle of Kestel, Osman Bey and his brave warriors fought against the Byzantine Empire to defend their land and their people. The battle was a turning point in history, as it marked the determination and resilience of the Turkish people. Despite the hardships they faced, Osman Bey and his warriors never gave up, showing their unwavering commitment to their cause.
Defying the Odds:
Although the Byzantine Empire had oppressed and shed the blood of the Turkish people for years, Osman Bey refused to back down. He rallied his troops and declared that they would no longer retreat. Osman Bey’s powerful words inspired his warriors to fight with all their might. They vowed to eliminate the Muslims from their land as if they had never existed.
The Turkish warriors showed great courage and resilience in the face of their enemies. They proved that the Byzantines were not invincible and that they too could be defeated. The battle was intense, but the Turkish warriors never gave up. They fought with all their strength and shouted “Allahu Ekber” (God is great) as they relentlessly attacked their enemies.
The Brave Warriors of Kestel:
Osman Bey’s warriors were fearless and determined. They stood their ground and fought bravely, even in the face of great adversity. They showed their loyalty to their leader and their people, refusing to surrender no matter what. The bravery and dedication of these warriors were truly remarkable.
Orhan, Osman Bey’s son, played a crucial role in the battle. Despite his young age, Orhan showed great intelligence and courage. He proved to be a valuable asset to his father and fought alongside him, never backing down. Orhan’s determination and loyalty were admired by all.
A Mother’s Love:
Saadet Hatun, Osman Bey’s wife and the mother of his children, showed unwavering love and support for her family. She stood by her husband’s side, even in the most difficult times. Saadet Hatun’s love for her children was evident.

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